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Mitsubishi FBC15N/FBC18N

Mitsubishi's FBC15N & FBC18N cushion-tired forklifts are manufactured to provide speed, maneuverability, superior quality and exceptional value. These lift trucks incorporate the latest in AC technology, delivering top travel speeds and increased energy efficiency.

Available Options:

  • Hang-on Sideshifter makes positioning pallets even easier
  • “Smart” Backup Alarm that is louder around noisy equipment
  • Battery Slide-in Rails allows for mechanized side extraction of the battery
  • Light and Strobe Packages so you can see and be seen
  • Non-Marking Tires eliminate streaking on warehouse floors
  • Orange Seat Belt for a quick visual check to ensure operators are wearing their seat belts


  • Narrow Aisles
  • Bulk Storage Areas,
  • Anywhere Floor Stacking is Common




Capacity at Rated Load Center lb. 3000 3500
Load Center - distance from fork face in.  24  
Power   electric 
Tire Type   cushion 
Wheels (x=driven)   2x/2 


Max. Fork Height with Std. Two-stage Mast  in.  130  
Free Fork Height with Std. Two-stage Mast in.  4.5  
Forks - length x width x thickness  in.  42 x 3.9 x 1.4  
Fork Spacing - out-to-out min./max.  in.  9.4/32  
Tilt Angle, forward/backward  degrees  5/6  
Length to Fork Face  in.  78  
Overall Width, standard  in.  37  
Overall Width, wide stance drive tires  in.  39  
Overall Lowered Height (mast)  in.  83  
Seat Height in.  48  
Overall Lowered Height to Top of Overhead guard  in.  86  
Overall Height with Extended Mast  in.  180  
Min. Outside Turning Radius  in.  70.5  
Load Moment Constant  in.  14.8  
Min. Aisle, 90-degree stack - zero clearance without load  in.  85  


Travel Speed, loaded/empty 36V mph  10.2/11.2  9.3/10.8 
Travel Speed, loaded/empty 48V  mph  11.3/11.3  
Lift Speed, loaded/empty 36V  fpm  75/106  71/106 
Lift Speed, loaded/empty 48V  fpm  104/140  96/140 
Lower Speed, loaded/empty 36V  fpm  98/81  
Lower Speed, loaded/empty 48V  fpm  98/81  
Gradeability, loaded at 1 mph 36V  24  21 
Gradeability, loaded at 1 mph 48V  25  22 
Gradeability, empty (max.) 36V  23  19 
Gradeability, empty (max.) 48V  23  19 


Truck Weight, empty with min. battery weight lb.  6200  6800 
Axle Load with Rated Load - front/rear  lb.  8000/1200  8800/1480
Axle Load without Load - front/rear  lb.  2500/3725  2320/4425 


Tire Size, front (standard)  in.  18 x 6 x 12.2 
Tire Size, rear  in.  14 x 4.5 x 8 
Wheelbase  in.  46  
Tread Width, front (standard)  in.  31  
Tread Width, rear  in.  32.5  
Ground Clearance at Lowest Point of Mast  in.  3  
Ground Clearance at Center of Wheelbase  in.  4.6  
Service Brake   foot-operated, hydraulic  
Parking Brake    hand-operated, mechanical  


Battery Type    lead-acid  
Battery, max. Capacity at 6-hour discharge rate - 36V  Ah  880  
Battery, max. Capacity at 6-hour discharge rate - 48V  Ah  770  
Battery, minimum weight lb.  1650  
Traction output (60 min. rating) - 36V/48V  hp  8.3/9.2  
Lift output (20% rating) - 36V/48V  hp  9.9/15.7  
Drive Controls    AC transistor  
Hydraulic Controls    Ac transistor  
Relief Pressure for attachments at auxiliary  psi  2250