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Mitsubishi FBC15NS/FBC18NS/FBC20NS

Mitsubishi’s stand-up end control series of forklifts are multipurpose trucks that can quickly and easily turn in tight spaces, reducing cycle times for applications that require frequent picking or racking. The stand-up design also makes them ideal for applications requiring frequent stops, short runs and repeated entries and exits.

These lift truck units are ideally suited to operate in warehousing environments with limited space.  Their working aisle requirements tend to be less than those required of a 3-wheel electric forklift.

Available Options:

  • Rear door to provide additional protection for the operator compartment
  • Light and Strobe Packages
  • Forward Steering
  • Tire Options
  • Integral Sideshifter
  • Freezer and Cooler Packages




Capacity at Rated Load Center  lb.  3,000 3,500 4,000
Rated Load Center - distance from fork face  in.  24   
Power Voltage  36   
Tire Type, drive/steer    solid rubber/poly   
Wheels (x=driven)    2x/2   


Max. Fork Height Lift w/std. two-stage mast  in.  131   
Free Fork Height Lift w/std. two-stage mast  in.  34.6   
Fork Width  in.  3.9   
Fork Thickness  in.  1.4   1.6
Fork Spacing - out-to-out min.  in.  9.5   
Fork Spacing - out-to-out min.  in.  36.5   
Tilt Angle, forward/backward  deg.  3/5   
Mast Width  in.  22.8   
Length to Fork Face  in.  67.5   73.0 
Overall Chassis Width  in.  41.0   
Overall Lowered Height (mast)  in.  82.9   
Overall Lowered Height to top of overhead guard  in.  88.0   
Overall Height with extended mast in.  180   
Step Height  in.  8.0   
Battery Roller Height  in.  7.3   
Load Moment Constant  in.  14.6   15.2 
Min. Outside Turning Radius  in.  55.5   60.4 
Min. Aisle - 90 degree stack - zero clearance  in.  70.1   75.6 


Travel Speed, loaded/empty  mph   7.7/7.7  
Lift Speed, loaded (triplex)  fpm  80  75  70 
Lift Speed, empty (triplex)  fpm  110   
Lower Speed, loaded (triplex)  fpm  95   
Lower Speed, empty (triplex)  fpm  85   
Gradeability, loaded (max.)  15   
Gradeability, empty (max.)  15   


Truck Weight - empty with min. weight battery  lb.  7,700  8,400  9,250 
Battery Weight (min.)  lb.  2,000   2,600 
Battery Weight (max.)  lb.  2,300   2,900 


Chassis Type, sit/stand    stand   
Wheelbase  in.  46   51 
Ground Clearance - center of wheelbase  in.  4.0   
Ground Clearance - lowest point at mast  in.  2.9   
Tire Size, drive  in.  16.25 x 7   
Tire Size, steer  in.  10.5 x 4   
Brake Type    electric disc   


Traction Motor Type    AC Induction   
Traction Motor Output kW (60 min. rating)  hp  5.9   
Pump Motor Type    AC Induction   
Pump Motor Output kW (20% rating)  hp  14.7   
Steer Motor Type    AC Induction   
Steer Motor Output kW (60 min. rating)  hp  0.53   
Battery Max. Capacity - A/H (6hr. rating)    1,240   
Battery Compartment Length (front-back)  in.  16.25   21.25 
Battery Compartment Width (side-side)  in.  38.9   
Batter Compartment Height  in.  31.7