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Mitsubishi is a popular car manufacturer that has adopted their innovative technology for forklifts. Bring this rugged durability to your work site today by purchasing your new Mitsubishi forklift truck at Holt of California. Our inventory includes multiple options to help you find the perfect machine for your specific application.

Our Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks for Sale

We have many Mitsubishi lift trucks available for purchase, including:

  • Counterbalanced forklifts: Counterbalanced forklifts counter the weight of the load on the forks with weights at the back end of the vehicle. Mitsubishi's line of forklifts offers performance and productivity, even in small workspaces.
  • Order pickers: Order pickers retrieve the necessary pallets to run an order. Mitsubishi order pickers have long run times and large lift heights.
  • Reach trucks: Reach trucks work in very narrow aisleways to lift and move pallets up to two deep. The reach trucks by Mitsubishi lift several thousand pounds at some of the fastest speeds in the industry.
  • Hand rider trucks: Mitsubishi hand rider trucks work well in indoor applications in small spaces, whether it be a narrow aisleway or inside a trailer.
  • IC cushion tire forklifts: Cushion tires are made of solid rubber that is wrapped around a metal band. They won't bend, puncture or deflate, so they're best for indoor applications with narrow spaces and smooth floors.
  • IC pneumatic tire forklifts: Pneumatic tires are made of rubber and inflated with air, much like standard tires. Their adaptable grip means pneumatic tire forklifts handle well outdoors and on uneven surfaces.
  • Hand pallet trucks: The hand pallet trucks by Mitsubishi lift and move pallets by hand, so they work well for carrying lightweight loads short distances.

Features of Our Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks

Mitsubishi is a well-known brand that meets every expectation and need with its forklifts. When you purchase your Mitsubishi forklift trucks at Holt of California, it will make a beneficial addition to your fleet.

These trucks can lift loads up to several thousand pounds, so you'll find them capable of handling plenty of pallets. Since their battery powers last your entire shift — and even through the next — these forklifts will help you stay productive at all times. Mitsubishi batteries use minimal energy and produce maximum output, which is why they're among the most long-lasting in the industry.

If you're looking for Mitsubishi forklift trucks for sale in CA, shop the selection at Holt of California today.

Choose Holt of California for Your Forklift Trucks by Mitsubishi

Holt of California is your ideal partner in equipment sales and support. Our exceptional products and services are backed by 80 years of experience as well as a knowledgeable staff that will help guide you to the best decision for your needs. No matter if you buy a hand rider or hand pallet truck from our Mitsubishi line, you will receive a machine that works hard at the job to get it done.

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