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Mitsubishi Order Pickers

Max Lift Height:
366 in
Max Lift Capacity:
3000 lbs

The EOP15N3 high-level electric order picker forklift offers exceptional travel, lift and lower speeds through advanced 3-phase AC technology.

With a load capacity of up to 3,000 lbs., the EOP15N3 high-level order picker lifts up to 30 feet without sacrificing on stability. Featuring advanced AC technology, this truck provides strong acceleration, high lift/lower speeds, low energy consumption and long run times for greater productivity.



Added Stability – The Automatic Pallet Grip is designed to automatically lock the pallet for a secure grip, providing optimum control of the load.

Increased Power, Acceleration – These electric order picker forklift trucks achieve exceptional travel, lift and lower speeds through advanced 3-phase AC technology.

Precise Control – Incorporating a solid base for a secure grip, the control handle provides precise control of travel and lifting functions.



Optimum Visibility – The advanced platform visibility option gives operators visibility under the operator platform to ensure the path is clear when lowering.

Increased Awareness
– The interactive display panel shows key performance indicators in full-color.

Total Control – The Curve Control feature automatically reduces the high-level order picker’s speed while turning corners at height. Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Longer Run Times  – Run up to 16 operating hours on one battery charge in a typical application.

Energy Efficient Design – Built for efficient order picking, this forklift truck achieves exceptional travel, lift and lower speeds through advanced 3-phase AC technology.



Added Security – The intuitive control handle incorporates a solid base for a secure grip when moving loads.

More Control – Electric power steering allows the operator to maneuver the truck with very little effort.

Operator Stability – The operator platform incorporates an ultra-comfort cushioned floor for added operator comfort.

Easy Access – Side gates are nested out of the way when in the up position for maximum access to pick orders.

Total Cost Of Ownership

Total Cost Of Ownership

Consistent Operation – The forklift truck’s AC system features precise speed control, quickly adapts to varying conditions, and varies output for continued, consistent operation. 

Sealed Electrical Components 
– Mean that dust and moisture will not impact the order picker truck's performance, further minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Cost Effective 
– Thanks to the high rate of order picking and low energy consumption.

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