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Mitsubishi EOP11N2 & EOP15HN2

The EOP11N2-EOP15HN2 order pickers offer high picking performance in high-rack warehouse applications. If you are looking to maximize warehouse space, these order pickers are an ideal solution.

Although the EOP11N2 order picker is specially designed for flexibility in wide aisles, its narrow chassis size of just 35.5 inches in width offers maximum maneuverability in narrow aisles. The EOP15HN2 has the ability to maintain high levels of capacity while allowing for minimal overall baseleg openings. Both order pickers set new standards in respect to flexibility, energy efficiency and ergonomics.


EOP11N2 (24 Volt) EOP15HN2 (24 Volt)


Drive   Electric
Operator Type   Order Picker
Load Capacity/Rated Load  lb. 2200 3000
Load Center Distance  in. 24
Load Distance, center of load axle to fork face  in. 6.9 5.9
Wheelbase  in. 59.5 67


Service weight, including battery  lb. 6500 8300
Axle loading, loaded front/rear  lb. 6900/2025 8000/2675
Axle loading, unloaded front/rear  lb. 3175/3325 4175/4100

Wheels & Chassis

Tires   Vulkollan
Tire size, load wheels (in) in. 5.9 x 3.7
Tire size, drive tire (in) in. 9.8 x 3.1 13.5 x 4.3
Number of tires; load wheels/drive tire   4/1
Track Width (in) in. 30.5 34.5


Closed Mast height  in. 92 132
Lift Height  in. 118 196
Overall Extended height  in. 210 289
Height of overhead guard (cabin)  in. 92
Lowered platform height  in. 9.7
Max. platform height  in. 128 206
Overall length (without load)  in. 122 129
Length to fork face  in. 74.5 182
Overall width  in. 35.5 x 35.5 39.5 x 39.5
Fork dimensions  in. 2 x 3.9 x 47
Width across forks  in. 22
Width across guide rollers (min)  in. 43.5 47.5
Ground Clearance, loaded, under mast  in. 1.9
Ground clearance, center of wheelbase  in. 2.3
Min. aisle width for pallet 48"x40" rail  in. 48
Min. aisle width for pallet 48" x 40" wire  in. 52
Turning Radius  in. 65


Travel speed, loaded/unloaded  mph 5.9 5.5
Lift Speed, load/unloaded  fpm 53/61 55/68
Lowering speed, loaded/unloaded  fpm 66/61 76/72
Service brake   reverse current/regenerative
Parking brake   electric spring loaded


Drive moor rating S2 60 min.   hp 4.0 9.2
Lift motor rating at S3 25%  kW/hp 8.0
Battery Compartment size (LxWxh)  in. 17.7 x 33.2 x 32.1 21.2 x 37.2 x 32.1
Battery voltage, nominal capacity  V 48
Min. battery weight  lb. 1980
Type of drive control   AC drive control


Sound level at the driver's ear according to ANSI/ITSDF B56.1 dBA 58 63
Steering   electric