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Mitsubishi’s PW series of electric walkie pallet jacks have one of the shortest head lengths in the industry, making them easy to pinwheel in tight areas. These walkie pallet trucks are key players for short travel distances of less than 200 feet, congested areas and where floor loading and unloading is common. Plus, these pallet jacks are easy to handle.


The PW series of Mitsubishi electric walkie pallet trucks require little steer effort and are easy to handle thanks to the gas cylinder handle assembly. Because of this handle assembly, you can position the handle to 45 degrees, let go and the handle smoothly returns to its original vertical position. When the handle is in a 45-degree position these pallet trucks will not roll on a slope or move when stopped on a ramp or dock until travel is requested due to the electromagnetic brake/ramp hold feature.

A turtle button makes right angle stacking and pin wheeling in tight areas is a snap , which allows for optimum productivity. The AC drive system offers precise speed control, smooth directional changes and quiet operation. A welded fork design makes these Mitsubishi walkie pallet jacks exceptionally durable as compared to bent-and-formed forks, giving these pallet trucks longer life cycles and lowers your cost of ownership.

No matter what conditions you are working in, operating these electric pallet jacks is made simple with controls mounted on both sides of the handle. Inadvertent forward movement is prevents with the emergency reverse button, which is activated when a PW series pallet truck is rolling or when travel is requested. This helps reduce property and equipment damage and allows for better control from the operator.


With more and more businesses looking for energy efficient solutions, more and more are turning to electric forklifts for their material handling needs. Electric lift trucks don’t produce harmful emissions and are similar in performance to internal combustion models.


Mitsubishi electric pallet jacks only need to be serviced every 500 hours. Parts and labor for these pallet trucks are covered under warranty for one year or 2,000 hours.


  • Keypad Access
  • Pallet Entry Rollers
  • Integrated Charger
  • Freezer Package
  • Stability Casters
Specifications PW 23 PW 30
Load Capacity 4,500 lbs 6,000 lbs
Width 28.3" 28.5"
Length to Fork Face 23.2" 24.9"
Minimum Turning Radius 62.2" 63.9"
Travel Speed Loaded/Unloaded   3.7/3.7 MPH   3.7/3.7 MPH 
Power Unit 24V 24V