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Multi-Directional Side Loader Forklifts

For businesses with material handling jobs, it’s critical to have equipment suited to your applications and work environments. For your multidirectional and sideloader needs, Holt of California offers several electric lift truck models to ensure you’re able to find an effective fit. Our knowledgeable sales team will be happy to assist in analyzing your projects and requirements to help identify the forklift that makes the most sense for your operation.

Productive and Reliable Side-Loading, Multidirectional Forklifts

As a leading source of lift equipment and elevated work platforms for North Central California and beyond, we are home to a broad range of equipment from leading manufacturers. We carry a complete selection of electric multidirectional side-loaders and long load and four-way side-loaders from Hubtex. Designed for long loads and maneuvering in confined areas and narrow spaces, these lift trucks are a perfect solution for such industries as timber, furniture, window fabricator, steel and DIY stores.

No matter your application, we have a Hubtex side loader forklift for sale capable of speeding up cycle times with improved safety and precision. We carry models with load capacities ranging from 1,750 to 7,700 lbs. (specifications listed provide weight in kilograms), aisle widths from 2,451 to 2,850 mm and maximum lift heights up to 6,500 mm.

The Benefits of Buying New Side Loader and Multidirectional Forklifts

Since 1981, Hubtex has been producing innovative material handling equipment designed to improve flow and efficiency even in narrow aisles and small areas. When you invest in a new multi-directional or side-loading forklift from us, you get a superior-quality machine capable of delivering exceptional functionality and flexibility. Hubtex forklifts are easy to service and maintain for lower operating costs and are durably built for an exceptionally long service life.

Replacing your older equipment and filling out your fleet with state-of-the-art lift trucks has a positive impact on many aspects of your operation. New machines are designed with intuitive controls that help operators of all experience levels work smarter, safer and more efficiently. Additional reasons to purchase new side loader forklifts include:

  • Three-phase AC drive technology and hydraulic motors to power through rugged applications
  • High-quality components and sturdy lift masts offering impressive longevity
  • Available roller guidance systems to safely navigate through tight spaces
  • Dedicated customer service and technical support

Side-Loader Forklifts for Sale From a Trusted Source

At Holt of California, we pride ourselves on offering quality products backed by the best possible customer service. Our team brings a high level of knowledge and experience in helping you make informed decisions on which types of forklifts are right for you. Most importantly, we stand behind all of our products and services 100-percent and go the extra mile to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchases.

We provide solutions for businesses working in manufacturing, warehousing, shipping and receiving, milling, industrial, retail and many others. In addition to new and used equipment sales and flexible rentals, we offer a complete range of replacement parts, maintenance supplies and accessories to help you get the most out of your fleet. Holt of California also provides:

  • Convenient sales and service locations throughout the region
  • Live support by phonefrom skilled and experienced professionals
  • Financing options including competitive interest rates, leases and rent to own
  • Online resources for improving job site safety and operator performance
  • Expert support meeting strict California emissions requirements

Contact us to learn more about our line of multidirectional and side-loading forklifts. Click here to request a quote.