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An order picker is a valuable machine to have in warehouses where every bit of space matters. Holt of California has many options for order picker forklifts across many industry-leading brands. Look through the various options on our website and get in touch with us to learn more about our models.

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An order picker is an electric lift truck that selects and delivers raw materials from storage for order fulfillment. It's designed for use with case picking, where the operator needs to choose parts from multiple pallets and many SKUs.

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What makes the order picker unique is that the hydraulics lift the operator to the second through the fifth level of rack storage. Having the operator move with the height of the mast makes the task of order picking more comfortable and accurate.

Features of the Order Picker Lift Truck

The features of our electric order pickers at Holt of California include:

  • Lift heights from 15 feet to 35 feet
  • Lift capacities of up to 3,000 pounds
  • 24 or 36-volt industrial battery powered

When using these machines, the operator is tethered to the order picker with a harness to keep them safe. The high-level order picker forklifts also come with a rail.

Order pickers are usually used in place of pallet trucks and ladders because of their advantages, such as:

  • They can handle a variety of items, small to bulky, in many industries.
  • They can decrease the time spent picking orders because they have faster speeds for travel, lifting and lowering.
  • They allow for better storage space because they can maneuver through tight aisles and reach high racks.
  • They increase productivity because they eliminate the need for loading and unloading entire pallets, minimize picking errors and reduce the time spent traveling between items.

Because order picking can be one of the main costs in warehouse labor, using a machine designed for this task helps make order picking easier and more efficient.

Why Choose Holt of California for Your New Order Pickers Purchase?

When you buy your order picker lift from Holt of California, you will enjoy:

  • Product options from many well-known brands: We are the official Cat® dealer for the region, so we carry quality products from Caterpillar®. Our stock also includes products from allied brands, like Clark, Mitsubishi, Jungheinrich and Linde.
  • An extensive online parts store: If any of your machinery needs a new part, shop our convenient online store. We have attachments and parts for material handling equipment of many brands.
  • Comprehensive maintenance and service packages: If your equipment breaks down, give us a call — we can perform most repairs in the field! We will also take care of your annual maintenance and more.

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Holt of California has the best selection of warehouse order pickers in the north-central California region. See for yourself by browsing through the options on this page. To get more information about the models that interest you, fill out the contact form on our website.