Hand Pallet Jack A500003348

Cat Lift Trucks Hand Pallet Jack A500003348

Cat Lift Trucks
Hand Pallet Jack A500003348
2,200-5,500 lb.

  • Model A500003348
  • Max Lift Capacity 5500
  • Max Lift Height 7.67
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Or Call for Price: 877-373-4100

The Cat lift truck hand pallet truck has been engineered to provide long-lasting strength and versatility. Featuring lift capacities from 2,200 to 5,500 lbs., the Cat pallet truck series features a durable and ergonomic design that's easy to use and operate.


Hand pallet trucks direct from the brand you know and trust. 

Three Options  We offer three different dimensions and capacity options to best fit your warehouse and material handling needs. 

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Diamond-Shaped Handle – Easy-to-use and designed to reduce operator fatigue and improve productivity.

Hydraulic Lock / Release Lever – Provides maximum operational control through the hand-contoured surface.

Fork Tip Entry Wheels – Allows for easy insertion of the pallet jack into pallet fork pockets for improved maneuvering and increased productivity.


Load Wheel Pushrods – These pushrods are adjustable, helping pallet jack operators to achieve the perfect balancing of fork height.

Low-Rolling Resistance Tire – The molded polyurethane tire contributes to smooth performance and load handling.

Low Lowered Fork Height – The lowered fork height of 2.9 inches allows for easy pallet entry and exit.


Handle Spring – Returns to upright position when released for improved security. 

Hydraulic Pump – Features controlled lowering rate valve to reduce risk of product damage during operation. 

Total Cost Of Ownership

Heavy-Duty Cast Steel Load Wheel – Supports fully-rated loads for better stability. 

Temperature-Controlled Robotic Welds – Help to maintain material strength for greater product durability. 

Baked-On Powder-Coat Paint – These hand lift truck models are finished with a baked-on powder- coat paint, providing a more durable coating to help protect your equipment investment. 

One-Piece Cast Iron Pump – With a chrome-plated piston rod, it ensures long pump seal life, requiring less maintenance over the long run. 

Application Type Indoor/Outdoor
Min Lift Capacity 0
Max Lift Capacity 5500
Max Lift Height 7.67
Min Lift Height 0
Power Type Manual
Primary Function LoadingUnloading