Hand Pallet Jack AJ00003348

Jungheinrich Hand Pallet Jack AJ00003348

Hand Pallet Jack AJ00003348
3,300-5,500 lb.

  • Model AJ00003348
  • Max Lift Capacity 5500
  • Max Lift Height 7.67
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Or Call for Price: 877-373-4100

The Jungheinrich® hand pallet truck has been engineered to provide long-lasting strength and versatility. With durable construction and high-quality hardened steel, it is the ideal "warehouse assistant" for all manual transporting over short distances.


Hand pallet trucks direct from the brand you know and trust. 

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Easy-to-Operate Controls – Ergonomic handle is equally comfortable for left and right-handed operators. Maneuvering with one hand on the handle is both comfortable and safe.

Special Lowering Valve – Enables loads to be lowered precisely or in small increments.

Fork Tip Entry Wheels – Allows for easy insertion of the pallet jack into pallet fork pockets for improved maneuvering and increased productivity.


Short Chassis Length  – Offers maximum maneuverability in very confined spaces.

Chromed Wheel & Joint Bushings – Quiet and robust for easy pulling or pushing.

Low Lowered Fork Height – The lowered fork height of 2.9 inches allows for easy pallet entry and exit.


Handle Spring – Returns to upright position when released for improved security. 

Hydraulic Pump – Features controlled lowering rate valve to reduce risk of product damage during operation. 

Total Cost Of Ownership

Durable Construction – More stable forks. Rounded forms. Welded handle mounting. Protected entry rollers. High-quality, hardened steel. The Jungheinrich hand pallet truck offers the best guarantee for maximum stability and durability.

Chromed Wheel and Joint Bushings – Ensure quiet running and an exceptional long service life. It’s no longer necessary to lubricate connections; the Jungheinrich hand pallet truck continually runs smooth.

One-Piece Cast Iron Pump – With a chrome-plated piston rod, it ensures long pump seal life, requiring less maintenance over the long run. 

Application Type Indoor/Outdoor
Min Lift Capacity 0
Max Lift Capacity 5500
Max Lift Height 7.67
Min Lift Height 0
Power Type Manual
Primary Function LoadingUnloading