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Holt of California knows storage and organization are crucial to any operation. That’s why we offer cantilever racks, pallet and case flow racking, and wire decking for your racking and storage needs.

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Warehouse Racking Solutions at Holt of California

A productive facility generates a lot of output, and it has a lot of raw product coming in. While these items are waiting to be used or go out, they need to be stored somewhere. Safe storage is essential for these applications, yet not all industrial racking solutions are the same.

Holt of California carries a few different types of storage and racking solutions designed for different uses. We will work with you so you can select the one that works best for your needs:

  • Cantilever Racks: Cantilever racks are a specific storage solution designed for bulky items like lumber, tubing, pipe and carpet. Instead of having traditional shelving, arms extend from upright columns that hold the materials. The various parts can be adjusted to fit the item the rack is holding.
  • Pallet Racking: This style of racking stores items on pallets. The forklift lifts the pallet up and onto the shelf and does the same to take it down when the product is needed. The beams can be adjusted in height or removed to make space.
  • Wire Decking: With a wire decking system, the shelves are made of crisscrossed wires instead of a solid material. The wire either fastens into the beams or wraps over them.

Benefits of Industrial Racking Solutions

Installing racks in your warehouse will allow you to:

  • Maintain safe storage for items of all shapes and sizes
  • Save valuable space in your warehouse
  • Utilize horizontal and vertical space for efficiency
  • Boost warehouse efficiency
  • Reduce time spent on order picking
  • Keep contaminants like dust and water off the products

Bring these advantages to your warehouse by purchasing racking and storage solutions from Holt of California.

Choose Holt of California for Your Industrial Pallet Racks and Storage Solutions

Holt of California has provided warehouses with forklifts, accessories, maintenance and more for over 80 years. We sell the best products in the industry, so our clients rely on us for quality items. Our racking solutions are made by Hannibal Industries, Inc. and Worldwide Material Handling, both industry leaders.

Buy from Holt of California and you’ll know you’re getting the best storage for your needs.

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Storage is necessary for any warehouse, so make sure that your system is working for you. Holt of California has the storage solutions your warehouse needs to be productive. Browse through our cantilever rackspallet racking and wire decking today using the links above. For assistance with your purchase or to learn more about the warehouse racking solutions we offer, fill out the contact form on our website.

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