CombiLift – Special Applications

Material handling applications often have challenging requirements, such as working with heavy objects or maneuvering in tight spaces. Whatever the task, you need the right equipment to get the job done. At Holt of California, we carry specialized forklifts for all your needs. You’re sure to find the perfect solution in our extensive inventory of high-quality Combilift forklift trucks.

Our Combilift Forklifts for Sale

We have a wide variety of Combilift forklifts for sale, including:

Palletized and Long Load Forklifts

These forklifts are designed to handle everything from palletized loads to long structural lumber. With their many capabilities, these forklifts eliminate the need for having multiple machines on hand, resulting in streamlined, efficient processes.

Many palletized and long load forklifts have multidirectional operation. This four-way performance allows them to maneuver long loads around objects and through narrow spaces with ease. These forklifts are the perfect choice to improve safety, increase storage capacity and enhance your project’s productivity.

Oversized and Heavy Load Forklifts

You’ll find a range of mobile gantries, straddle carriers and multidirectional forklifts that provide safe, efficient solutions for transporting oversized and heavy loads. Whether you need to move wind turbines, distribution and shipping items, steel fabricators, precast concrete or aerospace parts, these high-performance forklifts can handle even the most extreme loads.

Agriculture Forklifts

Combilift’s LR- and RT-Series forklifts act as counterbalance, sideloader and narrow aisle forklifts for a three-in-one solution that improves workflow on agricultural applications. They offer three-wheel maneuverability, grip tires and a small turning circle, making it easy to work in enclosed yards, inside sheds and across rough terrain. Their innovative design eliminates double-handling and increases productivity to get more done in less time.

Warehouse and Logistics Forklifts

Whether you need storage or distribution solutions, there’s a Combilift forklift to meet your needs. Their C-Series multidirectional forklifts provide space-saving performance to more efficiently navigate your warehouse.

For maneuvering through narrow aisles, the Aisle Master Order Picker (OP) is the best choice. These stand-on, electric-powered machines combine the functionality of an order picker and articulated forklift for versatile operation in your warehouse. With these unique capabilities, the Aisle Master-OP optimizes your racking layout, reducing aisle widths and increasing your storage capacity by as much as 50%.

The Aisle Master-OP is ideal for loading and unloading stock replenishment. It can be used to handle food, beverages, cold storage items and many other materials for distribution.

Pedestrian Forklifts

Combilift’s pedestrian forklifts provide safe, efficient and economical solutions for lifting and handling in tight spaces. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, and they serve well in everything from small storerooms to medium-sized warehouses.

Many of our pedestrian forklifts feature Combilift’s patented multi-position tiller arm for outstanding control and performance. They also offer maximum operator visibility to ensure workers’ safety.

Contact Holt of California for Special Application Forklifts

Holt of California is a leading Combilift forklift dealer, providing Combilift forklift solutions to meet the needs of virtually any special application. Check out our Combilift selection online or contact us for more information.