Truck Mounted Forklifts

If you need a lift truck that is easy to transport and maneuver, a truck-mounted forklift is the perfect choice. At Holt of California, we carry high-quality truck-mounted forklifts from Piggyback and Prowler.

What Are Truck-Mounted Forklifts?

A truck-mounted forklift is a compact forklift that can be mounted onto the back of a truck or trailer. It is secured with chains, latches or hooks that prevent the equipment from moving while the vehicle is in motion. When you arrive at your destination, you can quickly detach the truck-mounted forklift from the vehicle and immediately put it to use loading, unloading and moving materials around your job site.

Benefits of Truck-Mounted Forklifts

Truck-mounted forklifts offer many advantages over traditional forklifts. Besides their superior transportability, they’re easier to unload in cramped locations because of their smaller size. Truck-mounted forklifts also save valuable transport space, as they mount onto the back of a truck or trailer rather than taking up space in the truck bed. Once on the ground, truck-mounted forklifts offer exceptional maneuverability thanks to their lightweight, compact construction.

Our Truck-Mounted Forklifts for Sale

Holt of California offers truck-mounted forklifts manufactured by industry leaders Piggyback and Prowler.

Piggyback Truck-Mounted Forklifts

We carry Piggyback truck-mounted forklifts in various configurations to meet your needs, including both moving and static mast options for lifting and positioning loads. Some models provide additional capabilities such as four-way functionality, retractable wheel arms and a scissor reach design.

Piggyback truck-mounted forklifts have lift capacities ranging from 3,600 to 8,000 pounds and lift heights of 87 to 144 inches. Their engines come in configurations from 25 to 56 horsepower.

You’ll find Piggyback truck-mounted forklifts used for a wide range of industries and applications, including:

  • Beverage
  • Brick, block and paver
  • Doors and windows
  • Lumber
  • Roofing
  • Bottled glass
  • General building materials
  • Drywall
  • Moving and storage
  • Sod

Prowler Truck-Mounted Forklifts

Prowler truck-mounted forklifts are among the most advanced equipment on the market. With their robust frame, superior steering design and heavy lift capacities, Prowler models provide the exceptional durability and performance you’re looking for.

These rough terrain forklifts have powerful Tier 4 engines boasting 50 to 55 horsepower. They offer lift heights of up to 144 inches for maximum reach and lift capacities that can handle up to 5,500 pounds at 24 inches.

Prowler truck-mounted forklifts are ideal for use on construction sites with challenging ground conditions. They also increase efficiency in trucking operations by allowing drivers to load and unload cargo easily. Whatever material handling application you use your Prowler truck-mounted forklift for, you can count on smooth, reliable operation.

Contact Holt of California About Our Truck-Mounted Forklifts

At Holt of California, we have numerous Prowler and Piggyback truck-mounted forklifts for sale. Our expert team can help you find the best model for your needs based on the lift capacity and reach you need for your application. We provide fast, attentive service so that you get the equipment you need as soon as possible.

Explore our selection of truck-mounted forklifts and contact our team about adding one to your fleet.