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If your facility has a very narrow aisle (VNA) setup, a turret forklift is a type of material handling machine that is designed to work with your system. Look through the turret lift truck options on this page and contact us to learn more about the models that interest you.

Our Turret Forklifts for Sale

A turret truck is a compact forklift that is made for lifting and transporting pallets in VNA warehouses and other job sites that have limited space. They are an operator-standing, counterbalanced style of machine. When the masts lift to retrieve or place a load, the operator moves with them, providing a clear view of the pallet for better material handling.

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The main component of a turret truck is its rotating forks. The articulated carriage allows the forks to rotate 180 degrees. This design helps keep the machine size compact and allows it to fit into the VNA it needs to access without having to turn the truck.

Features of Our Turret Lift Truck

The features of the turret trucks for sale at Holt of California include:

  • Fit in aisles as narrow as 5 feet
  • Maximum lift height of 40 feet
  • Wire guidance system for steering
  • Rechargeable battery

The main advantage of having a turret forklift in your fleet is that it allows you to maximize your storage space within your existing warehouse footprint. By making your aisles narrower, you'll have room for more racks. You can also make the racks higher with the great lift height offered by turret trucks. This efficient use of vertical space will automatically increase your storage areas so you have more product on hand.

Other benefits of the turret lift truck include:

  • Higher productivity: The capabilities of a turret truck allow for faster material handling, which leads to better productivity.
  • Fewer errors: Because the operators have a better view of what they are doing, they are less likely to make an error or damage the load.

Why Get Your Turret Truck for Sale at Holt of California?

We are the best place to find a quality turret forklift for sale. Holt of California has worked in the industry for over 80 years and is the official Cat® dealer for the north-central California region.

Between our years of experience and excellent equipment offerings, you can trust that your turret truck will be a reliable piece of equipment in the field.

We are dedicated to offering outstanding customer service, so we are happy to provide guidance in equipment purchases. Ask one of our knowledgeable staff members about turret trucks and they will help you find a model that matches your specifications.

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Turret lift trucks are a valuable addition to the fleet at any job site. See for yourself all that a turret truck can do by placing an order with Holt of California. Look through the many options on our website and click on each model to read its specs. For more information about our material handling equipment, fill out the contact form on our website today.