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With a Premium Maintenance Plan for Holt of California, your routine inspections, preventative care and replacement of normal "wear & tear" items that require periodic attention as per the manufacturer's operator manual are covered. This comprehensive plan covers a spectrum of manufacturer recommended maintenance services, including normal wear items and plans can be purchased at any time, regardless of the manufacture date or hours. 

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During a scheduled 2000 hour service, it may be more convenient to have your lift truck brought into one of our shops. We can arrange to have your lift truck picked up and provide you with a lift truck similar to your model for use while servicing yours at NO additional cost. 

After your first year of coverage with Holt of California, we'll schedule an appointment with you to review your usage and assist in determining if you're on the correct schedule. We'll also make any needed adjustments at that time. Should you have chosen a plan for more hours than you are using, we'll adjust your plan and payment. If yo're lift truck has more hours than the plan is set for we'll offer a plan and payment that will better fit your needs. 

Overall, with a Premium Maintenance Plan with Holt of California, you can choose a coverage plan that meets your individual hour usages. Plans are available in Utility through Triple Shift applications. These plans are designed to protect yourself against rising maintenance costs due to inflation and they cover failures of covered wear items. 

For more information, download our Premium Maintenance Plans brochure or call our service department today to schedule a consultation.