Product Safety Services

Whichever industry you work in or equipment you use, safety is a top priority. At Holt of California, we have a wide range of safety products and services available.

Pedestrian Safety

Ensuring pedestrian safety around heavy mobile equipment can be challenging. That’s why we provide sensor solutions that make pedestrian detection easy. These sensors detect reflective tape on high-visibility markers and PPE (personal protective equipment) and alert drivers when they get too close to pedestrians.

Impact Management

Part of keeping your job site safe is monitoring and managing potential risks, such as technical failures or operator errors.

We carry fleet management devices that track machine and driver data in real-time. These products measure your fleet’s usage and efficiency, allowing you to see how your machines are being operated so you can make immediate adjustments for a safer working environment.

Driver Training

Proper driver training is essential to your employees’ safety. We offer training services for forklift operators to teach novice drivers and refresh experienced drivers. Our staff receives training from the IVES Training Group so that we can teach your team effectively.

Safety Bollards

If you are looking for effective warehouse safety products, bollards are an excellent choice to protect your job site without impeding the flow of traffic or pedestrians.

Bollards can be placed along perimeters, entryways, shelving corners or any other areas where you want to increase driver awareness and safeguard people and products.

We carry safety bollards made of rebounding steel pipes that absorb energy during a collision. These bollards soften impacts gradually to reduce the risk of injury to vehicle occupants and minimize damage to the vehicle.

Lithium Batteries

We offer lithium batteries that are completely sealed and do not emit any substances in any usage conditions. Because of their well-sealed construction, they provide inherently safe performance and are also safer to handle.

Cascade DAGS

Cascade DAGS are magnetic rubber fork covers. These high-quality warehouse forklift safety products secure awkward and unstable loads to protect them from damage, ensure their stability and reduce the risk of loads slipping off the fork.

Blue Guardian Pallet Protector

The Blue Guardian pallet protector is a low-profile polyurethane bumper that avoids direct contact with the load and redirects a forklift’s impact to the pallet’s center block to reduce product damage. Using this pallet protector results in fewer wood splinters to minimize debris and forklift tire damage for safer operation.

Forklift Lockout Kits: Iron Guard

This lift truck safety kit contains a lockout box and tags to minimize workplace injury by preventing employees from using malfunctioning or unsafe equipment. Place the keys to the machine in the lockout box and the lockout tags on the steering wheel to isolate the power source and explain why the forklift is locked out.

This lockout procedure is mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), so this product also helps ensure OSHA compliance.

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