Diesel Force Cleaning

Your forklift’s diesel engine is the critical component that keeps it running smoothly and efficiently on the job. With a well-serviced engine, you can expect exceptional long-term performance from your equipment. Because your engine is so integral to your lift truck’s ability to take on demanding tasks on the job, you need to get the right maintenance services to keep it in excellent condition.

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At Holt of California, we offer trusted Diesel Force™ cleaning solutions to protect your engine and provide the planned maintenance it needs to continue running strong. Learn how our team can preserve your engine health and optimize your forklift’s performance.

Advantages of the Diesel Force™ EGR System Cleaner

When you invest in trusted Diesel Force™ cleaner solutions for your applications, you’ll gain key benefits such as:

  • Improved service life: With a well-conditioned engine, you’ll be able to extend your forklift’s service life and get more value from your investment.
  • Optimal performance: A clean engine without issues like corrosion and debris buildup can work more efficiently and safely for your day-to-day operations.
  • Cost-efficient maintenance: Choosing planned maintenance now can help protect your engine’s health and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Our Diesel Force™ Cleaning Services

Holt of California offers robust cleaning system solutions to protect EGR valves, coolers and VGTs so you won’t have to worry about repairs down the road. Our emissions cleaning system thoroughly removes hardened deposits on induction and EGR systems using Diesel Force™ products.

This solution protects your engine from getting clogged with carbon, which can prevent performance issues such as poor idling and power loss. With regular application, you’ll be able to improve safety and efficiency thanks to our innovative, comprehensive engine cleaning system.

When you work with our team, we’ll evaluate your current requirements and provide a thorough cleaning treatment for your forklift engine. As part of your regularly scheduled maintenance program, our Diesel Force™ EGR cleaner can give your engine the care it needs to perform for the long term.

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Keeping your forklift engine in excellent condition is easier when you choose Holt of California for your servicing needs. We’re committed to providing maintenance solutions that fit your unique operating requirements. As a team, we stand behind our products and services, doing whatever needs to be done to keep your equipment running seamlessly for the long term.

If you’re looking for trusted equipment servicing expertise, Holt of California is here to serve. For more information on our forklift cleaning systems, reach out to us today.