Material Handling Safety Equipment

Innovations in forklift safety equipment technology have produced effective solutions that help protect workers. These new inventions include safety devices with cameras that can differentiate between pedestrians and objects while workers operate lift trucks. Many of these systems use algorithms to alert the forklift operator of potential hazards in the vicinity.

At Holt of California, we understand the importance of employee safety. Reducing the risk of injury and collisions in the workplace can save lives and protect your employees’ well-being. That’s why we offer several forklift equipment safety products to help you safeguard your workers.

IRIS 860 Sensor Pack

The IRIS 860 sensor design recognizes reflective tape on safety gear worn by other workers, signaling potential danger to the forklift operator. The entire safety equipment system consists of the sensor, a 4-meter power cable and a stainless steel mounting bracket that fits any lift truck. Some other advantages of the IRIS include:

  • Secures to forklifts and other heavy mobile plant equipment.
  • Is suitable for wet, dusty and dirty environments.
  • Provides an audible alert to the pedestrian and driver when someone is too close.
  • Features a detection zone customizable up to 8 meters.
  • Can pair multiple sensors to expand the detection zone.
  • Provides accurate detection in both direct sun glare and complete darkness.
  • Is Class 1 safe under regular use.
  • Makes installation easy with simple plug-and-play.

Blaxtair Pedestrian/Machinery Anti-Collision Camera

With innovative technology like the Blaxtair, you can promote safety when your workers operate heavy material handing equipment. This smart camera can differentiate between a person and an obstacle and then alert the lift truck operator to potential dangers, a design proven to prevent accidents on the job site. This safety system for material handling equipment has a stereoscopic camera, an LCD screen and a calculator.

Some other Blaxtair Anti-Collision Camera amenities are:

  • A stereoscopic head that captures three-dimensional images.
  • Operational capabilities in harsh environments like snow, fog, mud and glare.
  • An entirely dustproof and waterproof system.
  • Compatibility with all makes and models of heavy equipment.
  • A fully customizable detection zone.
  • Only relevant alerts, reducing nuisance noises and alarms.
  • Both visual and audible alarm functions.

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