Telematics for Material Handling Equipment

Telematic technology enables your forklift fleet to run as effectively and efficiently as possible. Through wireless connectivity, GPS technology and telemetry, telematics systems for heavy equipment offer significant benefits for materials handling operators, supervisors and managers. Besides tracking location, telematics systems can alert when a machine needs maintenance, determine when workers access heavy equipment and monitor an operator’s driving behavior.

Using cameras with telematics can also help prevent lift damage, increase work productivity, alleviate operator fatigue and stress, reduce training time for new drivers, and increase work area safety.

At Holt of California, we take all aspects of forklift operation seriously. That’s why we offer several different industry-leading telematics products to optimize your fleet’s performance.

GEM One Sapphire V2

Sapphire represents the next generation of telematics systems for forklifts and other heavy material handling equipment. The V2 system offers exceptional flexibility on a functional mobile platform to capitalize on data and reporting features.

Benefits of the Sapphire system include:

  • Tracking and tracing: A 7-inch color touchscreen shows GPS location and indoor positioning.
  • Operation and efficiency: Provides usage reports, operator messaging, user management and fleet information.
  • Security and safety: Impact alerts and automatic lockouts are in place in case of collisions. Other safety features include driver behavior analysis, cameras, access control, strobes and buzzers, speed limiters, overload detection, license management, impact avoidance, and an on-screen safety checklist before you start the vehicle.
  • Service and maintenance: Service management, a battery monitoring system, and error codes alert operators and managers of required attention.

GEM Camera Kits

GEM camera units work seamlessly with the Sapphire V2 interface. The cameras are easy to install without welding and can reposition as needed. They come in three varieties:

  • Mast cameras: You can mount these cameras as needed to overview the work area with excellent picture and low light performance. They provide the operator with fork depth and a clear view over or around the side of the load on the driver’s blindside.
  • Rear cameras: These cameras provide an overview of the work area and are especially helpful when backing into tight quarters. They cover the blind spot directly behind the truck. The camera provides an excellent picture in low light.
  • Forkview cameras: Install cameras on the carriage to assist with viewing the fork tips. Forkview cameras are ideal for high-lift height applications or double-deep racking.

Cameras work with power-up, motion detection and manual modes while operating on a 48-hour loop.

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