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Used Material Handling Equipment

When you need to move, store, protect or otherwise control the materials at your job site, you need material handling equipment. Holt of California has a wide variety of used material handling equipment for sale near you. Check out the equipment listings on this page, and contact us for more information.

Our Used Material Handling Equipment for Sale

We have a large selection of material handling used equipment, including:

  • Forklifts: Pick up and move heavy pallet loads out of trucks and throughout the job site.
  • Pallet jacks: Use this man-powered machine to unload trucks or move pallets around your facility.
  • Personnel carriers: Get your crew to where they need to be at the job site, especially if the area is limited or has a rugged terrain.
  • Scrubber and sweeper combos: Keep your facility extra clean with a machine that both scrubs and sweeps the floors.
  • Sweepers: Get dirt and debris off the floor with an industrial sweeper machine.
  • Telehandlers: Place and retrieve loads to and from hard to reach locations with the boom of a telehandler.
  • Trailers: Transport larger loads in the spacious bed of a trailer.
  • Utility vehicles and carts: Carry small and lightweight loads around the work site by placing them in the bed of a utility vehicle or cart.


When it comes to industrial equipment, there is no machine more versatile than the forklift. On a basic level, forklifts move items around, which is an important job function in many industries. From the truck or trailer to storage to the job site — or in reverse — forklifts make it possible to get large quantities of palletized materials where they need to be.

Holt of California is an official Cat® dealer for used forklifts for sale in California, and we also sell other leading manufacturers forklift solutions. No matter which of our forklifts you select, you can trust that you’re getting a quality vehicle that will last for years and bring a high level of performance to every job.

With our wide array of used lift trucks for sale, you are sure to find just what you are looking for. Holt of California has many types of forklift options, including:

  • Counterbalanced forklift
  • Pallet jack
  • Walkie stacker
  • Order picker
  • Reach fork truck


Also called a teleporter, boom lift or telescopic handler, a telehandler is a combination of a crane and a forklift. These machines are like a crane in that they have a long boom to reach high-up places, and the forklift helps place and remove materials at that elevation. For many jobs, the telehandler can take the place of a backhoe loader or tractor loader.

It’s a beneficial machine to have in your fleet because of its:

  • Height: A telehandler can reach anywhere from 19 to 54 feet, which is much higher than even a large forklift can extend.
  • Weight capacity: The average weights a telehandler can lift range from 4,400 to 12,000 pounds, which is more than a crane can manage.
  • Versatility: The forklift end of the telehandler can be swapped out with multiple attachments, making it useful for different tasks at the same job site or across many jobs.
  • Off-road capabilities: Telehandlers can drive across rough terrain, so they will handle well at off-road job sites.

We have standard sized telehandlers as well as compact models, which have the regular features of a telehandler in a smaller, more maneuverable form factor.

Features of Used Industrial Material Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment is valuable around your job site because of its many features and possible applications. With material handling equipment, you can perform tasks such as:

  • Store pallets or heavy and bulky materials
  • Place and remove elements from shelving units
  • Move pallets around the job site
  • Fulfill orders

These features make used material handling equipment useful in industries such as:

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare/pharmaceuticals

Choose Holt of California for Used Forklifts & Used Telehandlers in CA

For all of your used material handling equipment needs, come to Holt of California. We have worked in sales, parts and maintenance of industrial equipment for over 80 years. We are an official Cat® dealer, and we also sell equipment from other leading manufacturers.

When you choose to work with Holt of California, you are choosing a dealer that sells quality equipment at competitive prices. If you aren’t sure which piece of material handling equipment will work best for you, our experts will explain the options and help you decide. If you need any parts after your purchase, we have an online parts store for forklifts and other equipment. We will even service your equipment.

If you need material handling equipment, there’s no other name than Holt of California.

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Get this used material handling equipment near you at a high quality and even better price. Browse through our selections on this page and review specs like the manufacturer, model, year, hours and asking price. Click on the yellow “view” button to learn more about the specifications and see photos.

If you have any questions about our used material handling equipment for sale, please contact us online.

For more information and pricing about our used forklifts, please contact our Used Equipment Manager, Dave Zieour, 916-373-4112.

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