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Forklifts are a valuable piece of equipment in warehouses as well as other job sites. For a durable forklift without the hefty price tag of a new machine, look at the fleet of used forklifts for sale at Holt of California. Browse through the options on our website and contact us to learn more.


Our Used Lift Truck Selection

When it comes to industrial equipment, there is no machine more versatile than the forklift. On a basic level, forklifts move items around, which is an important job function in many industries. From the truck or trailer to storage to the job site — or in reverse — forklifts make it possible to get large quantities of palletized materials where they need to be.

Holt of California is an official Cat® dealer for used forklifts for sale in California, and we also sell other leading manufacturers forklift solutions. No matter which of our forklifts you select, you can trust that you're getting a quality vehicle that will last for years and bring a high level of performance to every job.

With our wide array of used lift trucks for sale, you are sure to find just what you are looking for. Holt of California has many types of forklift options, including:

  • Counterbalanced forklift
  • Pallet jack
  • Walkie stacker
  • Order picker
  • Reach fork truck

Features of Our Used Cat Forklift for Sale

With the many uses for forklift trucks, they can be tailored for many purposes. Your used forklift may come with features like:

  • Counterbalancing for stability
  • Small size for narrow aisles
  • Durable tires for rough terrain

Our Cat forklifts for sale are used in industries like:

  • Construction: Unload and carry heavy materials across long distances or rough terrain
  • Warehouses: Unload and load trucks and transport materials to their storage units
  • Dockyards: Unload bulky materials like wood and steel from trucks to move to the dock
  • Outdoor maintenance: With the proper attachment, plow and sift snow piles in winter conditions 
  • Recycling facilities: Unload containers and trucks to move the materials to be sorted

Make your forklift even more versatile with forklift attachments, which multiply your lift truck's capacity to suit various applications. For instance, for forklifts for outdoor maintenance, you can use a plow attachment to move snow off sidewalks and parking lots.

Why Purchase Your Used Forklift at Holt of California?

If you need a forklift, buy used at Holt of California. We have:

  • Over 80 years of industry experience
  • A knowledgeable staff that will guide you through your purchase
  • Equipment from industry-leading brands like Caterpillar®
  • An online parts store for repairs
  • Maintenance packages to keep your machine up and running
  • Resources to update your fleet to meet California's emission laws

From your purchase to service, Holt of California will help with every step of ownership of your used forklift.

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We have the biggest selection of used forklifts for sale in California, so buy a used forklift from us today. Browse our selection here and contact us for more information.

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